Walking Around the Block

Every summer residents of Block Island, RI encounter a common problem: there are too many cars in the island. Visitors bring their vehicles as an alternative of walking their luggage from the ferry terminal to hotels. The following maps show us that walking distances from the ferry to the island main attractions are shorter that we expect. The maps shown in this article give us an opportunity to compare the following: the walking distance between the ferry terminal to the nearby hotels and the proximity of streets to the terminal.

The Road Distance Map shows that most of the streets are located within a quarter mile radius starting from the Block Island Ferry Terminal extending outwards into the island. Further studies that analizes the road topography can give us detailed measurement of slope.

The Walking Radius Distance Map shows that most of the Island hotels are within a 1/4 mile distance. This map can be used to further promote the Town Council ordenance of reducing vehicle traffic in the island. It shows that it would be viable to establish a luggage service between these hotels.

Cargo Collective, Inc. Los Angeles, Calif.