Branding for Co-Works Fabrication Lab
Rhode Island School of Design. Summer 2017.

Developed a visual system for RISD's first state of the art fabrication lab. The visual system included the developmen of parametric typography, iconography for each machine station, instruction manuals, entrance signage and website The project deliverables included a set of neon plexiglass signs, removable vinyl icons, posters and vinyl decals.
I applied my previous studies on parametric typography for the signage system. The result was a series of laser engrave removable letters that can be re-arranged. The letters were attached by a 3d printed set of brackets designed at Co-Works. The team developed a visual system for the lab icons and printed them on removable vinyl. We also designed posters and installed labels around the lab to increase student legibility. 

Cargo Collective, Inc. Los Angeles, Calif.