NYSE | Financial District Streetscapes & Security

This project recognized the need to enhance security while preserving the vibrant pedestrian – oriented streetscape of New York Financial District.  I worked on the configuration and pattern of the sculptural
bronze security bollards that were integrated into a turntable street barrier that controlled vehicular circulation.

The geometric form of the bollards was preserved in my design of pedestrian way finding markers that merged graphic design with architecture.  These were designed with a ¾ inch aluminum plate that would be engraved with historical images from early 20th Century Financial District, including Federal Hall, New York Stock Exchange, and the Curb Market at Broad Street.  While providing sense of place in a historical context, these structures also worked to guide pedestrian circulation, thereby protecting the street.  The history and urban evolution of this area was conveyed to pedestrians by cutting text into granite paving stones at street edges.


Images © by Rogers Partners.

Cargo Collective, Inc. Los Angeles, Calif.