Plankton Ecosystems

Working with plankton has expanded my knowledge in both science and art. Collecting and analyzing data in the Nature Lab have revealed the role that organisms play in a given ecosystem. Our environment is composed of a series of complex interconnected systems. The implementation of art concepts with scientific information resulted in a clear and compelling representation of factual data. The use of photographic representation and augmented reality enabled me to convey accurate and visually captivating images that represent the study of plankton with an artistic lens. By merging these two disciplines we can succesfully relate and communicate the relevance of plankton in today’s world. The poster includes embedded videos of plankton species collected from the Providence River. They were analyzed using microscope machines from the Nature Lab.

Plankton Collection at the Providence River

The class collected samples from the Providence River using sampling equipment from the Nature Lab. We returned to the lab and created slides that were later analized using microscope equipment. These microscopes enabled us to capture images and videos from the collections. I remember this day in particular because the temperature  was 20 degrees fahrenheit outside. I couldn’t believe that there was such a microscopic abundance of life existing under the sheets of ice that covered the surface of the river.

Cargo Collective, Inc. Los Angeles, Calif.