Plaza | University of Delaware

At the corner of Academy and Main Streets, a new university bookstore provides an important link between the university core and the entertainment and business district of its urban setting. The bookstore, which contains the University Development Office on the upper floor, wraps around the Newark Opera building, creating a unique courtyard setting off of the busy adjacent streets. This courtyard is set off of busy campus University of Delaware Campus Bookstore Plaza --Newark, DE streets. The courtyard provides space for large social functions as well as leisurely day-to-day activity. This courtyard was designed with an elevated dining terrace that provides broad views to the pedestrian entrances. Through heavy planting of native species, the courtyard emphasizes the university’s accomplished horticultural history. An adaptable bench was designed to serve as a planter wall but also to provide space for individuals and small groups as part of the urban theater.

Images © by Studio Bryan Hanes.

Cargo Collective, Inc. Los Angeles, Calif.