What is the relationship between our perception of the visible world and the tiny details that our eye can’t see? Microscapes is a visual journey that seeks to connect the world that exist beyond our visual lens. Its’ an invitation to focus on the geometries that exist in nature.

Microscapes is an exhibit design proposal for the GD Commons that creates an immersive experience for the general public. I collected vegetation samples from the Blackstone Park to study them under a microscope. Additionally, I studied samples from the Tiny Town & Nearly Nanoville—plant, animal and manmade—microscopic collections from the Nature Lab.

I created a video, a website, posters, and vinyl wall graphics inspired by the collections. Additionally, I designed a series of interactive surfaces and information panels to encourage direct interrelationhips between people and scientific data. The goal for the exhibit is to reverse our perception of scale when observing the natural world under a microscope—microscopic samples are magnified visually and scaled up for direct spatial interaction.

Cargo Collective, Inc. Los Angeles, Calif.